DPS CHL LTC Application

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We have the best price on Houston LTC Classes (License To Carry)

Concealed Gun Pistol Firearm Handgun Holster IWB CCW Houston Class License Permit

To sign up with the Texas DPS for your Concealed Handgun License:

  • TX DPS CHL LTC WebsiteClick Here Here you will find all of the information on the License to Carry including eligibility requirements, statistics, signage, testing information, fingerprinting and more.
  •     TX DPS CHL LTC ApplicationClick Here To apply with the DPS for your License To Carry.
  • Fingerprinting ServicesClick Here Fingerprinting is by appointment only and is done electronically at several places throughout the Houston and surrounding areas. The DPS will set you up for fingerprinting during the application process.

                       4 hr Houston CHL LTC class is on sale! Click here to Sign up right now!

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