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  • April 2017- “Great class. Exceeded expectations. You really know your stuff.”  Ken F
  • March 2017 – “Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the class. You made it fun, informative, and entertaining. The time just flew by. My wife and mother will probably be attending one of your future class soon. Thanks again, Jason G”
  • Nov 2016 – “Didn’t know what to expect. The teacher was very funny and witty plus very knowledgeable! Taught me alot! Glad I was able to attend Thank you!” Annette
  • Nov 2016- “It is a very informative class! The instructor makes every important point clear. Ryan, thanks you very much!” Richard Q
  • Nov 2016 – “Took the class on 11/6/16 and other than being far from where I live it was fun, informative and the instructor was easy to talk to. I already recommended it to a friend of mine, Adam, he should be registering soon.Thank you.” Frederico D
  • Sep 2016 – “The class was way better than I expected and I will be sending family to you soon! THANKS!” Gabriel M
  • July 2016 – “Great class, very professional, nice sense of humor and really knowledgeable on laws and guns. Thanks! Fabio C
  • JUN 2016 “Thanks Ryan… Professional. Very Cool. Great Class. ‘Preciate calling unsafe practice “”unsafe”. Good sense of humor but will call bad stuff out… Know your weapon. Appreciate the professionalism. Yeah and im back feeding the horses LOL… ” JD F
  • May 2016 “Class was great and the book really was worth more than $5 I still look at it daily. Got my license in the mail about a week ago and will be looking to trade in my pistol soon for something smaller!” Robert S
  • Feb 2016 “Instructor was awesome, so was the class. He promised no BS or sales pitches and he delivered. Before you knew it, the class was over. I recommend his class, if you’re looking to get your LTC. ” Chuck R
  • Feb 2016 “The class was awesome, the instructor had a fever but showed up and taught a great class anyway. I liked the part about marksmanship the best it was actually pretty informative!” John B
  • Dec 2015 “Great class and Ryan was a great instructor as well. The class was very informative and at the same time entertaining. I’ve been recommending it to all of my friends!!” Russell H.
  • Dec 2015 “I am a military veteran and have 35 years law enforcement experience. I give this class two thumbs up! The class was informative and occasionally entertaining. I too laughed at the police wisecracks. Pay attention and you will have no problem passing this class.” James O
  • Nov 2015 “Thanks for the awesome class. Ryan was a great instructor and answered all my questions. I look forward to using you all for FFL Transfers in the future!” – Jerry S
  • July 2015 “I cannot tell you how glad I am that I took your class. I learned about laws I never knew existed and it really opened my eyes up to how much of a responsibility carrying a firearm can be. THANK YOU!!”  Jennifer W
  • May 2015 “The class today was very informative and the 4 hours went by in a flash. I will be telling my friends and coworkers about this class!  Alex N
  • Aug 2014  “Loved the class. Best $49 I will spend. Thanks” Ben M
  • August 2014 “Thank you so much for helping me get my license. I was involved in a road rage incident 2 day ago and thanks to your class I knew exactly how to handle the situation!” Martin G
  • Jan 2014 “I appreciate the instructor taking the time to help me with these laws in the class today. I really feel more confident now that I understand exactly what I can and cannot do. I will be recommending this class to all my friends and family who are not yet licensed. Thank you!!!”  Jason E
  • Oct 2013 “Great class today. Learned a lot more than I expected.” Rodney Y
  • Feb 2013 ” Thank you for the great class. We will be sending you more business very soon!”  Gerry G
  • Dec 2012 “Had fun at the class it was better than I expected. Test was also way easier than I expected. CANT WAIT TO GET MY LICENSE IN THE MAIL WOO HOO!!!!!!!” Brett F
  • Oct 2012 “You were right about the pistol it was the magazine. Thank you for taking time out to answer all my questions today. Just thought I would let you know. My brother will be taking your class next! ”  Jeremy K

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“One loves to possess arms, though they hope never to have occasion for them.”Thomas Jefferson