After Your Class

Houston CHL Class Concealed Carry Permit License Gun Handgun Pistol

So you took the class, passed the written test and shooting test.. now what?

FIRST  – THANK YOU FOR ATTENDING OUR CLASS. We hope you found the class very informative and we again simply want to let you know we do appreciate your business. If you need a holster, or would like to purchase a new pistol, or sell or trade your old firearm, remember to check out Houston Gun Sales for a current inventory of firearms we can order for pickup at our CHL classroom. Non firearms will ship directly to you or you may also have them sent to the CHL Classroom for pickup.

  1. If you have not yet, you will need to apply with the DPS for your license, and get your fingerprints taken electronically. You will be prompted to setup an appointment for fingerprinting during the application process with the DPS. You must get your fingerprints done, even if you have already done so for teaching, security, or other licensing with the state of Texas.

Sign up with the Texas DPS to get your license and fingerprints. Get Started BY CLICKING HERE

2. Once you have completed your application with the DPS you will be given a checklist with a bar code at the top. That checklist has steps on it that will need to be completed if they apply to you. Once you have completed all of the steps provided on the checklist simply wait for your license to arrive in the mail. The DPS does not currently offer a method online to check the status of your application. They currently recommend waiting two weeks then contacting them via the “Contact us” portion of the DPS website to check your status and make sure all of the required material has been received. If your application is missing anything, or is denied, you will be notified via mail.

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If you have any questions, or just want to check for any updates of new legislation relating to concealed carry, remember the DPS website is always open, and they post new updates right on the front page. New legislation comes out every few years, as well as little updates here and there so its important to check back with the DPS often.

To renew, simply log back into the DPS website, pay, and wait for your new license in the mail. Your license will be valid for 5 years. You get a one-year grace period from the date of expiration on your license to renew. You cannot legally carry with an expired license. After one year from the expiration date on the license, you must come back to class and reapply as a new student if you want to obtain the license again.

You have 30 days to report a change of address to the DPS. Remember the DPS will send postage (including your renewal notice) to your last known address. If the mail gets returned to sender, they know your address is not up to date!

“There are no dangerous weapons. There are only dangerous men.” – Robert A. Heinlein