$49 Open Concealed Carry Class – Best priced class in Houston! Our 4 hr Houston CHL LTC class is on sale! Click here to Sign up right now!


We offer the best Houston LTC License To Carry Class!

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Its official! Houston will be the largest metro area in the US to have legal open carry of handguns as of Jan 1 2016! Concealed Carry is still also an option. We have the best license to carry class in Houston!

At Houston CHL Class – We make it EASY to get your Texas Concealed Open Carry Handgun License permit. We are a dedicated CHL Classroom and we use DPS Certified Instructors! Complete these simple steps to get your license to carry a concealed or open carry a handgun!

  1. Sign up for our License To Carry Class. Get started by BY CLICKING HERE
  2. Sign up with the Texas DPS to get your license application, background check, and fingerprints. Get Started BY CLICKING HERE
  3. Come to our class, pass the written and shooting test. Get more info BY CLICKING HERE
  4. Mail or email in your class completion form and checklist to the DPS and simply wait for your license to come in the mail. More info HERE.
  5. Thats it! Getting licensed to carry is easy! GET SIGNED UP TODAY! 4 hr Houston CHL LTC class is on sale! Click here to Sign up right now!

We offer the best price on LTC License To Carry Class in Houston!

Houston LTC License to Carry Class Open Carry CHL Concealed Houston

You will need –

  1. The ability to safely load, unload, handle and fire a handgun. 
  2. Handgun .32 caliber or larger (Semi-Auto or Revolver get the same license as of Sep 2013) – Rental Revolver or semi-auto available for $20 fee (ammo not included)
  3. 50rds of ammunition – Bring your own or purchase at the range. No steel case ammunition.
  4. Hearing/Eye protection – Loaners available for free rental at the range if needed.
  5. $15 Range Fee due at class start (or pay the range fee when you sign up)

Classes begin at 8am (classroom instruction 8am-12pm), and the range test is complete by 2pm in most cases. We use a nearby (3 miles from the classroom) indoor air conditioned range for the shooting test immediately after the classroom instruction is over. You may bring food and drinks to our class. There is a donut shop next door that serves coffee, soda, energy drinks, bottled water, breakfast, and lunch. We suggest you arrive early enough to get breakfast or drink before class start. Ammo is available for purchase at the range. We will provide pens/paper.4 hr Houston CHL LTC class is on sale! Click here to Sign up right now!

Houston LTC Class License To Carry

NO B.S. approach, easy and relaxed atmosphere. 
Our instructor is a Combat Veteran of Iraq & Afghanistan, lifetime NRA member, lifetime Oathkeeper, NRA Pistol instructor, DPS Certified CHL Instructor, US Army armorer, Federal Firearms Dealer, and has been recognized for personally stopping a carjacker using his concealed handgun right here in Houston, less than one block from his home..

Our goal is to teach you the laws and give you 100% of the information the DPS requires us to teach… not to sell you stuff you don’t need. Our class is 100% DPS Approved License to Carry material and no B.S. Learn Texas law as it applies to self defense, and protection of property. We will explain carry of your handgun in your home, automobile, workplace, and out in the general public.

Don’t spend more to take a class where you will learn less. We are focused on giving you a great learning experience and want you to walk out of our class with confidence and an understanding of the requirements and regulations. Carrying a firearm is a big responsibility, and its up to you to know the laws. 4 hr Houston CHL LTC class is on sale! Click here to Sign up right now!

“A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.” —Thomas Jefferson, letter to Peter Carr, 1785